About Us

The Holland Point Citizens Association (HPCA) is an organization of owners and renters within the community who are dedicated to preserving the quality of life we have all come to know and love here by the Chesapeake Bay. The operations of the HPCA are governed by its By-Laws, and the Association manages the common areas with a set of Rules and Regulations. Although there are no covenants that directly affect the individual lots, the use of the common areas is subject to the restrictions set forth in the Rules and Regulations.


The Association meets periodically throughout the year to discuss various issues and concerns within the neighborhood, including maintenance and reconstruction of the sea wall, reforestation, security and the annual Oyster Roast every October, the Shrimp Feast in May, and the Holiday Party in December. The HPCA also issues a Newsletter which is mailed or emailed to the members monthly from April through November. Membership in the Association is open to owners and tenants for an annual fee of $35.00, and is not mandatory. Tenants do not have the right to vote. To become a member, please go to the Membership page